We have three types of course, each lasting one week (16 hours of classroom tuition, plus project work).

'Skills for learning'

You choose one of three options, in part dependent on your level of English.  These courses may help you to pass an examination, or maybe just to think more carefully and more critically. When you arrive to start your programme, you’ll take a test to confirm that the choice you’ve made is suitable for your level of English.

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Specialist subjects

Your choice of five subjects which you might wish to study later – or which you just happen to find interesting. ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

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Here, you’ll benefit from taking a course which will really help you to understand more about yourself and your potential! ___________________________________________ _________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

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Although the same basic material is covered, the emphasis in the classes varies according to your age group.

If you’re in a 14-16 group, you’ll have a great introduction to the range of topics covered at university level in the subject chosen, and a lot of hands-on practice.

If you’re in a 16-18 group, you’ll be looking at the topics at a slightly more advanced level, and also in more detail at what’s involved in studying them at university.